David Coverdale Admits Making The Lyrics Up For Whitesnake’s ‘Slow An’ Easy’

During an appearance on Whitesnake TV, Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale admitted that he made the lyrics up for the band’s ‘Slow An’ Easy’ under the influence.

Whitesnake released their sixth studio album, ‘Slide It In,’ in 1984. The band’s first breakthrough hits in the US, ‘Love Ain’t No Stranger’ and ‘Slow An’ Easy,’ appeared on this record. It set the stage for the band’s future success with their following self-titled album. The group mixed the earlier albums’ blues tones with a heavier and more modern hard rock in this record.

David Coverdale and guitarist Mick Moody co-wrote ‘Slow An’ Easy.‘ The song also features Cozy Powell’s drumming. While the rest of the songs on the album stood out with their glam metal sound, this song was like a reference to the band’s earlier blues-rock style. It is also famous for its easily recognizable guitar riffs. Coverdale looked back at how the track came about during a recent appearance.

The singer explained that he did most of the vocals while drunk, which was enjoyable. While they were having fun and partying around, they decided to go to the studio around four in the morning. Coverdale revealed that he made most of the lyrics up. Then, Cozy Powell liked what came out and told him to keep that. The rocker later reworked the lyrics to make them more meaningful. Coverdale also highlighted that it is undoubtedly one of his favorite Whitesnake tracks.

About writing ‘Slow An’ Easy,’ David Coverdale said:

“It was a lot of fun. I did most of the vocals six sheets to the wind; I think the expression is. At about 4:30 in the morning, we were recording at Musicland Studios in Munich. We had all been out on the razzle-dazzle and decided to go to the studio and just jam. So, we ended up cutting ‘Slow An’ Easy.’

I was making stuff up for most of the song, and Cozy Powell said, ‘You have to keep this.’ So, most of that has been live in the studio, and then I had to mess around with the lyrics to try to make some lyrical sense. We used people from flower shops and everything in a whole way to do the big ‘Slow An’ Easy’ chorus. It is definitely one of my favorite songs, without a doubt.”

You can check out the video and listen to the song below.