Dave Mustaine Recalls The Time He ‘Actually Died’

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine opened up about the time when he actually passed away for a short moment during a recent interview with Gibson.

Mustaine founded Megadeth after getting fired from Metallica back in 1983, and they released the first record after two years. In 1992, they released the fifth studio album of Megadeth, named ‘Countdown To Extinction.’

In order to celebrate and promote the album, Megadeth went on a tour afterward along with Stone Temple Pilots that continued through the next year. However, the tour didn’t last long as the fans expected.

In the recent conversation, Mustaine admitted that there was a lot of drug usage throughout the tour and revealed that the ‘Countdown’ tour actually got canceled due to health reasons. The legendary frontman realized that he couldn’t continue touring like that and went home to clean up from the drugs. Later on, he went out to the place in Arizona, and he suddenly blacked out.

As Mustaine said, he doesn’t remember a thing from that moment, and there was nothing in his memory. After waking up a couple of days later, Mustaine had no idea where he was. While the 59-year-old singer was saying that he first thought he was kidnapped, he then realized that he is in the hospital and actually was on the other side for a moment when the nurse said to him ‘we almost lost you.’

Dave Mustaine remembered the time when he actually passed away:

“When I went out to a place out in Arizona, Wickenburg, I had already come home from the Megadeth/STP tour and was ready to get cleaned up…

I went out to the place in Arizona, and that’s where I actually died. I don’t remember a thing. There wasn’t any blue light, there wasn’t any white light, there wasn’t any kaleidoscope, there weren’t any football scores, there was nothing.

I had gone there and woke up a few days later, and I looked out the window, and I didn’t know where I was, I had no idea.

Imagine, the last thing you remember was you were on tour with Stone Temple Pilots, and then a blur hits you for about a week, and then you wind up looking out your window in a desert, a cactus.”

He continued:

I thought at first I was kidnapped and I was down in Mexico, and then the nurse came in and said, ‘We thought we lost you.

The guy that was the program director for the hospital there was a friend of mine and my wife, and he came in and told Pam, ‘He’s dead, you need to come down there.’

So she drove from the apartment that she was staying at to the hospital, they had resuscitated me in between, I mean, I wasn’t ready to die, I’m not ready to go. I didn’t willingly do that. I did it because I was under the influence.”

You can listen to the full interview below.