Dave Mustaine Names The Band Lars Ulrich Followed Around Before Metallica

If you know a thing or two about Dave Mustaine, you might know how much he enjoys talking about his days in Metallica. So, during a recent interview with Sirius XM, Mustaine discussed which bands had an early influence on his former band’s music and how Lars Ulrich, as a true fanboy, followed around one particular band.

As the Megadeth frontman recalled his days with the cult metal act, the topic drifted to which bands had shaped Metallica’s early sound. Mustaine then noted that Diamond Head was a great inspiration for his former band, and he, as a fellow rocker, also respected and enjoyed their music. Then, the guitarist made another interesting revelation as he recalled that Lars had been a roadie for Diamond Head.

“[Diamond Head] was probably, one of the most influential bands in the new wave of British heavy metal, if only for the fact that they were in the right place at the right time,” said Dave as he appreciated the band’s musical influence. “I thought they had a great singer, and I thought the guitar riffs were amazing, and the press had gone as far as to say that they were the heir-apparent of Led Zeppelin. That was a massive compliment for Diamond Head.”

He continued by revealing how Ulrich would follow the band around. He recalled, “So, at the time, when I first heard them, it had come through my last band, Metallica, and from the drummer, Lars, who was evidently touring with Diamond Head. He would be a fanboy and follow them.”

However, Mustaine had the chance to meet the band as a respected musician rather than a fan. The guitarist added, “I got to meet them on a different level. I met them as equals or as myself as an established musician. So, I got the chance to kind of really eyeball to eyeball, meet this guy, Brian Tatler, the guitar player from Diamond Head, just a sweet man, tremendous talent on guitar.”

So, as Metallica loved covering Diamond Head, many people thought some of these covers were original Metallica songs. Dave said, “Diamond Head I know and love was the Diamond Head in the beginning, and I’ll tell you, there were so many of those songs we played in Metallica. ‘Helpless,’ ‘The Prince,’ ‘Am I Evil?’ and a lot of people think those are original songs by Metallica; they are not. They are Diamond Head songs.”

Thus as Lars Ulrich went on to follow Diamond Head while they were touring, Metallica’s fascination with them also benefited the British band. The guitarist, Brian Tatler, had previously discussed how he would never expect Metallica’s cover of their songs would make the band rich.