Dave Grohl Explains Why Taylor Hawkins Could’ve Rejected To Join Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl recently talked about his current friend and Foo Fighters’ drummer Taylor Hawkins and his feelings during their first encounter on 955 Klos. Grohl knew Hawkins was a good drummer, but he thought he would not leave Alanis Morissette to join Foo Fighters.

Hawkins was the drummer for the Canadian rock singer Alanis Morissette before joining Foo Fighters in 1997. Morissette was a very accomplished rock artist during that time and was nominated for 15 Tony awards after creating a musical from her rock-oriented album ‘Jagged Little Pill.’

When Grohl told Taylor Hawkins that he needed a drummer after William Goldsmith quit the band, he wanted to join. During his recent interview, Grohl described these moments and talked about how they met and became best friends. The frontman said that their friendship was love at first sight and the beginning of a long-lasting bromance.

Grohl wanted him to join Foo Fighters after Goldsmith’s departure, but he thought that Hawkins wouldn’t be interested in Foo Fighters as he was playing with one of the biggest names in the industry. Also, Foo Fighters was only formed three years before this interaction, and they hadn’t put their roots in the rock and roll industry yet.

Grohl shared his opinions about the drummer by saying:

“Oh my god. The first time we met, we were at some radio show backstage, and he came up with a beer in his hand. He’s like, ‘Hey, man, what’s up? I’m Taylor, I play with Alanis Morissette. Dude, I love your record, it’s so cool!’ He was such a spaz. I was like, ‘Wow, you’re either my twin or my spirit animal, or my best friend!’ In the first 10 seconds of meeting him. And, of course, I’d seen him play the drums, and I thought he was an amazing drummer.”

Here is what he stated about how surprised he was when he wanted to leave Morissette for Foo Fighters:

“When it was time to look for a drummer, I wished that he would do it, but I didn’t imagine he would leave Alanis Morissette because, at the time, she was the biggest artist in the world. So when I called him and said, ‘Hey, I’m looking for a drummer.’ He said, ‘You know I’m your guy.’ And I think it had more to do with our personal relationship than anything musical.”

Aside from admiring each other’s work, they get along very well, according to Grohl. Since their first encounter was more like a friendly get-together rather than a business meeting, they established a connection with each other before getting to work. According to Grohl, this is the very reason they are so good together on stage.

“And to be honest, it still does. Our musical relationship, the foundation of that is our friendship, and that’s why when we jump up on stage and play, we’re so connected because we’re like best friends, and it’s great.”

You can watch Grohl’s interview below.