Danny Wagner Says Robert Plant’s Greta Van Fleet Comment Is A ‘Compliment’


Greta Van Fleet drummer Danny Wagner recently joined AXS TV’s At Home And Social and reflected on the comparison between Led Zeppelin and Greta Van Fleet. Wagner also addresses Robert Plant‘s remarks on the resemblance of the two bands’ sounds.

Greta Van Fleet’s music was compared to Led Zeppelin’s since the beginning of their career. Many musicians and critics suggested that they resemble Zeppelin, especially after the release of the single ‘Highway Tune.’ They also argue Greta Van Fleet frontman Josh Kiszka’s vocals remind Robert Plant’s singing.

When they learned about the comparisons, Greta Van Fleet members didn’t deny the resemblance. In fact, they confirmed that Led Zeppelin had a significant influence on the band. Josh Kiszka confirmed Plant’s influence on his vocals, while his brother Jake admitted studying Jimmy Page’s guitar playing.

On the other hand, the resemblance between Van Fleet and Zeppelin also reached Robert Plant’s ears. In a previous interview, Plant likened the band’s music to Led Zeppelin’s debut Led Zeppelin I’ and described Josh Kiszka as a beautiful little singer. Moreover, he also jokingly added that Kiszka reminds him of ‘someone he knows very well.’

In a recent interview for At Home And Social, Danny Wagner stated that it was flattering to hear that Plant confirmed Greta Van Fleet is like Led Zeppelin. Saying that it’s a compliment, Wagner praised Zeppelin’s timeless work and said Plant’s remarks on the band were among the highest honors.

During the conversation, Danny Wagner said the following about Robert Plant’s resemblance of Greta Van Fleet to Led Zeppelin:

“That’s quite the statement considering it came from Led Zeppelin. You know, it’s cool. We’ve gotten that our entire lives, and it’s humbling every time we hear it. It’s a compliment. I think Led Zeppelin is a live band that has created a universe. They have done prolific things for rock and roll, and I think it’s one of the highest honors. We’ve always felt that way. Yes, we hear it a lot, but to hear from someone like that is definitely something special.

You can watch the rest of the interview below.