Dan Lilker Reacts To Frank Bello’s New Role In Satyricon After Replacing Him In Anthrax

Frank Bello recently joined Satyricon for an upcoming European tour, while Dan Lilker temporarily took his place in Anthrax. Lilker shared if Bello’s summer plans mean he’ll have more gigs with the band in a new chat with Finland’s Chaoszine:

“I think it’s only that because Anthrax had no plans in the summer anyway. They weren’t doing all the Euro fests or anything. So, during the summer, everybody in Anthrax would go do something else. So, I think Frank had that plan anyway.”

He added:

“So, it’s funny, because Satyricon are old friends of mine from the Norwegian scene. Scott had told me, though, that Frank might do something like that. And I, of course, was surprised, but I think Satyricon has changed from the very grim, dark stuff to more kind of like dark rock and roll. So, I think that’s cool. And I think he’ll be great with that. He’s a great bass player.”

Bello Will Play With Satyricon Through Summer

Satyricon confirmed that Bello would be playing with them at several summer festivals on Instagram earlier this week. The band shared a photo with the bassist and announced:

“There is smoke in the chimney at the Satyricon HQ every day. Next week we will fire up the engine again, starting at the Sweden Rock and Mystic Festival. From there we go to Hellfest, Tons of Rock, ARTmania Festival, Grieghallen/Beyond the Gates (two nights in a row), Brutal Assault, Helsinki Metal Festival, Alcatraz Festival, Bloodstock Open Air, and finally Næstved Metal Fest.”

The post went on:

“In November we come to Latin America. As you can imagine, we look immensely forward to seeing all Satyricon Ultras across the world again. If we’re not playing anywhere near you, maybe you will travel to see us, if not we will meet later someday. This is going to be THE summer!”

The shows will start on June 8 at the Mystic Festival in Poland.

Lilker’s First Anthrax Gigs In Four Decades

Frank Bello stepped back from Anthrax for ‘personal reasons’ earlier this year. The band started their South American tour with original bassist Dan Lilker on April 13 at MXMF The Metal Fest in Mexico City. Lilker reflected on his comeback after 40 years by saying:

“I think it went pretty well. I think I had enough time. I was given about five weeks advance notice to learn the setlist and, obviously, a couple of songs I knew pretty well. And I think the crowd reactions and everything, and the whole tour organization, obviously with those guys, it’s all very professional. So, you don’t have to stand at the airport and wait for your bass to come on the baggage claim; somebody does it for you, and all this stuff.”

He shared:

“But, yes, I think in general it was a pretty positive experience. It was fun playing those songs. And I think people enjoyed it. So, I think it was a fun, positive experience.”

Anthrax is also set to perform at the Louder Than Life and Aftershock festivals this fall. A UK and European tour will follow these dates in November.