Courtney Love Calls Out Olivia Rodrigo For Stealing The Cover Of Hole’s ‘Live Through This’ Album

In her latest tweet and a Facebook post covering the same content, Courtney Love has accused Olivia Rodrigo of copying the cover of her band Hole’s 1994 album titled ‘Live Through This.’

Olivia Rodrigo, who is a musician and also known for her roles on the Disney+ series High School Musical, has announced an online concert film with a prom theme titled ‘Sour Prom’ in June 2021. In the promotional photo for her concert film, she is shown wearing a formal dress along with a tiara, holding a bouquet, and having mascara tears on her face.

However, social media users were quick to realize that Hole’s ‘Live Through This’ album’s cover shares some similarities with this photo as it features an image of Leilani Bishop wearing a tiara, holding a bouquet with mascara tears streaming down her cheeks.

Courtney Love also noticed this similarity and pointed this out by sharing the cover photo on Facebook and all of her other social media accounts, with the caption telling the audience to spot the difference along with the hashtag ‘twinning.’ She also said she considers this rude and rage-inducing, adding that if she had a dollar for every time this happens, she would be rich.

Rodrigo also left a comment only on Courtney’s Instagram post saying she loves Courtney, and Love then implied she expects her to send her a flower and a note. After seeing the posts, the fans also brought into attention another comparison between Rodrigo and the band Pom Pom Squad, in which more obvious similarities were seen.

Courtney’s posts had the same caption:

“Spot the difference! Twinning!”

You can see Courtney’s tweet and the pictures of the album covers below.