Keanu Reeves’ Rock Band With ‘Matrix’ Characters: ‘Neo Playing Bass’

Keanu Reeves created an imaginary band with characters from ‘The Matrix.’

In a new interview with Guitar World, he discussed his love for playing bass and music. Serving as the bassist of his band Dogstar, the actor was asked what kind of bass the characters in his movies would play. While giving each character a different bass, Reeves formed his dream band with the ‘Matrix’ characters:

“Neo playing a bass… Let’s give Neo an upright bass. He’s probably going to want to play some jazz. Thomas Anderson on upright. With Morpheus on drums. We’ll be a power trio. And maybe we could get Agent Smith on the keys.”

‘John Wick’ Has Two Bass Options

Could you imagine John Wick playing a bass? Well, Reeves is here to make it real. The rocker got stuck between two bass options until he ultimately picked one that would suit more to John Wick. He revealed:

“Okay, there’s two things with John Wick. He could either just go straight, you know, Fender P… or he might play a Jazz. Yeah, let’s just say he’s going pure Jazz. Fender Jazz.”

‘Ted Logan’ Would Experiment With Bass

Ted Logan is one of the two main characters in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Ted was based on Ed Solomon‘s youth and was originally adapted as a character in Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson‘s improv sketch ‘Bill, Ted & Bob.’

In the movie, Ted also had a rock band called Wyld Stallyns, alongside his friend Bill. Aware of the fact that his character in the movie has an exploring personality, the rocker chose a bass accordingly, thinking his character would ‘explore’ different things:

“Oh, definitely a seven-string. And he’d just be exploring all of the different kinds of scaling – it would be a seven-string fretless.”