Wolfgang Van Halen Says ‘Please Don’t Do That’ Over The Messages He Got From VH Fans After Eddie’s Death

Former Van Halen bassist Wolfgang Van Halen shared a post on his official Twitter page expressing his emotions after Van Halen fans have been sending him letters, wanting an autograph after saying sorry for the loss of his father, Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen. 

As many of you may know, Wolfgang Van Halen lost his father, Van Halen’s legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen over three months ago when he passed away after his long battle with throat cancer. Wolfgang shared the devastating news through a post on his official Twitter page.

Since then, Wolfgang Van Halen has been open about how much he misses his father in every interview since, in addition to a close father-son relationship, the two had a special bond through their music, therefore, Wolfgang went through a rough time period towards the end of 2020.

Apparently, while dealing with losing his father, and making new music on his own, there are also fans which Wolfgang had to handle since Wolfgang Van Halen recently shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing that there are many fans who took advantage of Wolfgang’s situation and have been sending letters in order to ask for an autograph.

In addition to this, Wolfgang stated that some fans have been sending the letters directly to his home which is clearly a breach of privacy, Wolfgang also stated that the timing of this terrible incident is horrible, so Wolfgang kindly asked for his fans to stop sending him any more letters.

Here is what Wolfgang said:

“Kinda fucked up how many ‘I’m sorry your dad died, please send me an autograph and a pick’ letters I’ve gotten over the last 3 months. Some even coming directly to my home. What an unbelievable breach of privacy, and wow what horrible timing. Please don’t do this.

You can see the Twitter post below.