Damiano David: ‘My Rock God Is Steven Tyler’

Måneskin frontman Damiano David recently joined BBC Radio 2 and admitted admiring Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler as his ‘Rock God.’

Damiano David gained recognition as the frontman of the rock band Måneskin, which won the Sanremo Music Festival 2021 and the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 by representing Italy with the song ‘Zitti E Buoni.’ Following this achievement, he and Måneskin began climbing the stairs of fame.

Before their international breakthrough, Måneskin were performing in the streets in their early days. After winning the Eurovision Song Contest, they reached remarkable chart success with their song ‘I Wanna Be Your Slave’ and the cover of ‘Beggin’.’ Måneskin then maintained a firm place in the mainstream music scene.

During a conversation with BBC Radio 2, the band’s frontman Damiano David picked his ‘Rock God.’ His choice was Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. Måneskin cited Aerosmith among their musical and fashion influences. Considering their stage shows and flamboyant outfits, it’s safe to say that David took some inspiration from Tyler.

Damiano David told BBC Radio 2 that he picks Steven Tyler due to his fantastic music career with Aerosmith and his solo music projects. The singer then described Tyler as one of the best, praising the frontman’s music catalog, voice, stage presence, and shows.

In the interview, Damiano David told BBC Radio 2 the following:

My Rock God is Steven Tyler. First of all, because of his amazing career with Aerosmith and his solo projects. He’s amazing! He made music for 30 years, always, amazing records and amazing tracks, amazing voice. He’s one of the best. On the stage, and with his stage presence, he’s amazing, and everything he did was very cool.”

You can watch the interview below.