Duff McKagan’s Daughter Grace Works On Her First Solo Album

Duff McKagan’s daughter and supermodel, Grace McKagan, shared some photos from her studio sessions to announce that she has been working on her first solo album for a while.

Grace McKagan is the older daughter of Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan, and she has been modeling and making music since her childhood. After fronting her own synth-pop/punk rock band named ‘The Pink Slips’ for years, she decided to leave the band during the Covid-19 outbreak.

In a previous interview, Grace was asked what made her feel like it was the right time to step out of the band and follow her own path. Grace had stated that her bandmates were her best friends when she was a teenager, and they thought they would do it forever. However, concentrating on her solo career represents her first step into adulthood and independence. She also noted that she feels confident about making her own music now.

Today, Grace posted a couple of new photos on her verified Instagram page and revealed that she has started writing the lyrics of her debut album. According to the images she shared, Grace has been working with Awolnation drummer and audio engineer Isaac Carpenter for her first solo record. After sharing the photos, her mother, Susan Holmes McKagan, commented on the post to show her support.

Grace McKagan wrote this in the Instagram post:

“In the gradual process of writing my first album, wish me luck!

Looking forward to sharing my heart.”

Susan Holmes McKagan commented:

“You don’t need the luck girl. You got this!”

You can check the photos she shared right below.

Photo Credit: Grace McKagan – Instagram