Corey Taylor Shares The Story Of A Fan Falling Asleep While He’s Performing Live On CMFTour

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor recently opened up about his experiences during his CMFTour so far in an article written by him and published in Rolling Stone, revealing the time when a fan who was asleep during the entire performance because of the fact that she was under a substance influence.

As many of you might know, Corey Taylor released his first-ever debut solo album named ‘CMFT’ on October 2, 2020, including a total of 13 tracks. Slipknot singer managed to release an album on his own after years of working with his band and achieved success as his first solo album found itself a place on US Billboard 200 and US Top Tock Albums as well as receiving generally positive reviews both from music critics and his fans.

Fortunately, the legendary vocalist shared a post on his official Instagram page on March 17 announcing a brand new tour named ‘CMFTour’ with his solo band in order to promote his debut solo album. The tour dates starting from May 18, also includes Corey Taylor’s wife Alicia Taylor’s dance group, Cherry Bombs, and have been including precautions against the coronavirus pandemic such as social distancing, a requirement for coronavirus test, and reducing the capacity.

Luckily, the tour has been going perfectly so far, it still has new dates to come with the conclusion on June 19, however, Corey Taylor recently shared an article on Rolling Stone’s official website in which he revealed special moments during his tour so far including three nights from Lubbock, TX, Oklahoma City, OK, and Sauget, IL.

The most hilarious story of his ‘CMFTour’ was without a doubt from Sauget, IL, on May 28 when he was looking to the audience and saw a woman literary sleeping during the whole show. While playing the piano for his track, ‘Home,’ Taylor felt the need to ask why the woman was sleeping and found out that she’s wasted, revealed by her son. After waking up the drunk fan and trying to talk to her, she couldn’t even understand what was going on and passed out once again, only to wake up for the track, ‘Through Glass.’

Here is the story narrated by Taylor:

“Playing Pop’s for the first time in 20-plus years, I was stoked until I looked out in the audience, and for half the show starting at ‘Samantha’s Gone,’ there was a woman asleep at a fucking table. When I finally inquired about it while I was at the piano during ‘Home,’ her son informed me that she was wasted. After a nudge, she came to, didn’t even realize I was talking to her, and thusly flipped off her son. Oh, and she passed out again until she lit up like a Christmas tree for ‘Through Glass.'”

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