Phil Anselmo And Sebastian Bach’s Argument On The Best AC/DC Singer

On February 19, 1980, AC/DC lead singer Bon Scott passed away at the age of 33, raising concerns about the band’s future. Despite this, AC/DC decided to continue and eventually found a replacement in Brian Johnson. Just five months after Scott’s death, the band, featuring Angus and Malcolm Young on guitars, Cliff Williams on bass, and Phil Rudd on drums, released the widely acclaimed album ‘Back in Black.’

While the band gained popularity after Johnson’s entry into the band, some still prefer Scott over the current frontman. Even some rockers have thoughts on this matter. In a recently surfaced snippet from the book ‘A Rockin’ Rollin’ Man: Bon Scott Remembered,’ Pantera’s Phil Anselmo and Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach shared their thoughts on the band and tried to pick the best singer.

Anselmo: ‘They’re Both Great’

Anselmo is aware of the differences between the two vocalists and has acknowledged the fact that picking Brian Johnson as their vocalist showed their ability to ‘think ahead’:

“Different vocalists, different feels a bit. They both have great attitude and different voices. The visionaries in AC/DC would be the Young brothers. The fact that they picked Brian Johnson, I’m thinking they were really thinking ahead… or either they just lucked out – because they’re both great in their own right.”

Bach: ‘There Was No Comparison’

Some might think that bands try to clone or impersonate their former singer rather than find someone with an original aspect. The Skid Row rocker is not one of them. In fact, he thinks the band did a good job not trying to find someone that copied Scott:

“AC/DC didn’t try to clone the singer that they had before – like some bands make the mistake of trying to hire a guy that clones or impersonates the dude before. And there are a lot of examples of that. But AC/DC did not do that, because I don’t think it’s possible to clone Bon Scott. I don’t think anybody is capable of impersonating Bon Scott. But Brian Johnson had a completely different style and sound. So, there really was no comparison, because they’re so different.”

So it’s evident that both Anselmo and Bach know the difference between the two vocalists and respect them equally.