Courtney Love Says She Convinced ‘The Sexiest Man Alive’ To Work With Her

Hole singer Courtney Love recently shared an Instagram post in which he revealed how she persuaded ‘the sexiest man alive’ to work together with her.

As an actress, Love appeared in the 1999 comedy film ‘200 Cigarettes.’ The film is about several characters in NYC on New Year’s Eve 1981. ‘200 Cigarettes’ has an ensemble cast that consists of famous artists like Ben Affleck, Kate Hudson, Guillermo Díaz, and more. Love appeared in the film as Lucy, and her character was friends with Paul Rudd’s character Kevin. Together, they portrayed a friendship affected by sexual tension.

In ‘200 Cigarettes,’ Courtney Love and Paul Rudd appear sensually kissing each other. The singer included this moment and the People’s cover in her recent Instagram post, claiming Paul Rudd is the sexiest man alive. In the post, Love congratulated Rudd and said she’s glad they shared some time together. She then added that she was quite interested in the actor.

Moreover, the Hole singer revealed that she sent Rudd roses daily and threatened the producer not to do the film without Rudd. Following that, Love stated the producer and Rudd both agreed to do the film. As she said, working with Rudd was so lovely, and he has always been a sexy man.

Upon seeing Love’s Instagram post, some of her fans commented below to remind Love of Kurt Cobain. A fan of the singer commented, indicating that the sexiest man alive should be Cobain. Moreover, another follower stated that Cobain was sexier than Rudd, while another joked saying that Love has already kissed two of the sexiest men alive.

Courtney Love’s Instagram post read:

“Congratulations to the sexiest man alive, Paul Rudd! I’ll say glad you finally caught up to me!

During casting on ‘200 cigarettes,’ I had casting approval… All I wanted was Paul. There was this thing he did with his eyes in the car during ‘Clueless’ that made me swoon & still does. The producer didn’t want him, and I read with a lot of lovely actors, but I only wanted Paul. I ended up sending Paul long-stemmed roses daily.

When I finally got my way, after threatening not to do the film (Milos Forman told me ‘Casting is everything. Everything is casting’), Paul said yes, and I never regretted a second of it. It was so lovely working with him. His comic timing is impeccable, but man, he is sexy. Was then, is now.”

She added:

“We filmed in the Lower East Side. Paul is a massive, smart Radiohead fan and had loads of bootlegs, we’d listen between setups and sit on the stoops. It felt so much like a film set I forgot I actually had lived there. But so many of my degenerate ex-roommates were walking by all the time, people I hadn’t seen since my short-lived ‘club kid’ New York years (I hated the music. And it was too cold. And poverty is never fun. But New York in the ’80s with a soundtrack I hated… was cruel.)

Almost every passer by the stoop we’d sit at in alphabet city, Paul would see someone coming and say, ‘it’s going to be another roommate!’ And it usually was. He was starring in ‘Biloxi Blues’ at the time, working his ass off. I’ve been so happy watching him go from strength to strength… Congratulations Paul. I totally agree with The People. (Full disclosure the shrink Paul is currently playing on ‘The Shrink Next Door,’ Ike Herschkopf used to be MINE! – and a disco queen I call ‘Joan.’ Paul is NAILING ‘Dr Ike.’ It’s uncanny!”

Courtney Love’s follower said:

“Kurt was sexier.”

Another one added:

“You have already kissed the 2 of the sexiest!”

One of the fans claimed:

“Kurt was cooler without a second.”

Below, you can check out People’s cover, which Love included in her post.

Photo Credit: Courtney Love – Instagram