Courtney Love Says Kurt Cobain Would Be Proud Of ‘Rape Me’ Being Used In A Popular TV Series

Kurt Cobain’s widow and the Hole singer Courtney Love posted a tweet in which she expressed her feelings about Nirvana’s ‘Rape Me’ being used in a famous TV series, ‘Succession.’

Nirvana’s song ‘Rape Me’ belongs to their third and final studio album named ‘In Utero.’ It’s the fourth song on the album, and the band’s iconic frontman Kurt Cobain wrote the lyrics of the song. Moreover, ‘Rape Me’ is also Nirvana’s last single release before Cobain’s tragic suicide in 1994.

The song’s title and lyrics led to great controversy even before Nirvana released it officially. However, it is an anti-rape song that was written from the point of view of the victim. ‘Rape Me’s lyrics reflect a person saying ‘go ahead and rape me,’ but according to Cobain, that person implies he or she will survive this and take revenge eventually.

As you might come across, the TV series ‘Succession’s recent episode featured Nirvana’s classic ‘Rape Me.’ The series used the song concerning a scandal involving sexual assault while blasting it over the loudspeakers. After the episode was aired, Courtney Love knew she needs to say something about that, and went on her Twitter.

In her recent tweet, Courtney Love expressed her feelings about the episode and the usage of Nirvana’s song. She said that she feels so good for approving that, and she is sure that Cobain is also proud of this. Love then included a video about the part in her tweet and excited the fans by mentioning that she can tell them whom the song is about one day.

Courtney Love’s tweet read:

“Succession… I’ve never felt so good about approving the usage of a song of Kurt’s. You understood this: him, it’s beautiful. I’m sure he’s proud. Ask me who it’s about one day. I might even tell you.”

Below, you check out the tweet and the part ‘Rape Me’ was used in the series.