Coldplay Announces The Release Date Of Their New Album, ‘Music Of The Spheres’


Coldplay recently posted a tweet exciting their fans by revealing the release date of their new album ‘Music Of The Spheres’ along with the trailer of the album.

As you may recall, in late April Coldplay had announced that their new single will come out on May 7. Fans had suspected that their next project would be something about aliens and they were right. Planning to release a new album after two years, the band gave their fans another thing to look forward to during the pandemic.

They announced yesterday with a tweet that their newest album ‘Music Of The Spheres’ will be released on October 15, 2021. While sharing this great news with their fans by posting a colorful handwritten memo, Coldplay also revealed that there is a trailer that is available right now for their fans to watch or listen to called ‘Overtura.’

They continued by saying that a track from their album called ‘Coloratura’ will be released on Friday. They posted the image saying Love c, g, w & j (and p)’ and finished their message by saying that we’re all considered to be aliens somewhere.

Here is what they said in the announcement:

“‘Music Of The Spheres

Hello Everyone. We hope you’re doing really well. We have a new album called ‘Music of the Spheres (vol.i) coming out on Friday 15 October 2021. It is produced by Max Martin.

There is a trailer for the album called ‘Overtura’ which you can watch or listen to now if you like. Then on Friday, an album track called called ‘Coloratura.’ Our next single will come out in September.

Thank you for listening, or coming to the shows, or anyway, we have met through music.

With Love,

Chris, Jonny, Guy & Will (and Phil) a.k.a. Coldplay

Everyone is an alien somewhere.”

The fans replied to their announcements with excitement and some users even responded with their deductions and theories. They have quickly spotted the ‘(vol.i)’ section in the announcement and lived another exciting moment assuming there will be a second volume later on.

You can see the tweet below.