Courtney Love Calls Out Gen-Z For Labelling Her As A ‘Hag’ 

The Hole frontwoman and late Nirvana vocalist Kurt Cobain’s wife, Courtney Love, shared a post on her official Instagram page revealing a bunch of memes along with a picture of herself. Love started her words directed at Gen-Z by telling them she’s the ‘sexiest hag alive‘ after being referred to as a hag by many youngsters on social media.

Let’s cover some of the basics when it comes to Gen-Z, the young generation that has been all over the internet and conquering the current world. For those of you who may not know, members of Gen-Z are those born between 1997 and 2015. Although Gen-Z has countless features that differentiate them from Millennials, they are often defined by their humor, especially through social media platforms.

Just like every other celebrity, Courtney Love has also been exposed to some Gen-Z humor on social media, which is often sarcastic and sometimes dark. While many artists prefer to fight Gen-Z when it comes to their controversial jokes that can be offensive, Love decided to join Gen-Z and show them how much she loves and understands their mental state.

Recently, the former Hole frontwoman shared a post on her official Instagram page revealing a number of memes made by Gen-Z as well as sharing a message dedicated to the young generation. According to Love, many people don’t understand Gen-Z. However, she has a lot of empathy and connection to them since they grew up in a tough world that involves unattainable beauty standards, online bullying, and the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition to this, Courtney Love revealed that Gen-Z has been commenting on her social media posts calling her a ‘hag.’ Despite many would expect a reaction or a glimpse of rage, Love actually stated that she doesn’t feel offended by this since she’s been the sexiest hag alive since the day she was born.

Courtney Love captioned in her IG post:

“Lots of people don’t understand Gen-Z, & some Gen-Z seems to pass on out-of-context nonsense and outrageous libelous lore on me; ‘hag’ is used a lot… Yassss. Serving sexiest hag alive since 1964! I think they’re funnier than any other generation I’ve ever known and I feel a lot of empathy/affinity for them.

They’ve had to grow up in late-stage Capitalist realist psycho bullshit online, non-stop, IG filters, beauty standards which are the beauty standards of extinct elves, no self-esteem, now a plague, and fuck knows what for their futures. They make me laugh.

WARNING tho, don’t tell them your Sky Ferreira stories (not that I ever would, but don’t even BREATHE LDR stories… fainting after recitations from memory of the ‘ride’ monologue, sure to ensue). They cry too easily. But they’re funny.”

You can see the Instagram post of Courtney Love below.

Photo Credit: Courtney Love – Instagram Page