5 Silverchair Songs That Carry The Taste Of 2000s Hard Rock

Hailing from Australia and comprising three talented musicians, Daniel Johns, Ben Gillies, and Chris Joannau, Silverchair burst into the rock scene in the mid-1990s with their debut album, ‘Frogstomp,’ which showcased their incredible songwriting skills and knack for catchy melodies. With their heavy early grunge sound and raw energy, Silverchair quickly captured the attention of rock fans worldwide.

Over the years, the band evolved and matured, experimenting with different styles and sounds, including art rock and orchestral elements. Their influence can still be heard today in the music of many current rock bands. Silverchair produced numerous hit songs throughout their career, and here are five songs from their catalog which carry the taste of 2000s hard rock.

5. Tomorrow (1994)

Initially released as part of their 1994 debut EP of the same name, ‘Tomorrow,’ later also appeared on the band’s 1995 album, ‘Frogstomp.’ It quickly became a smash hit, reaching the number 1 spot on the Australian charts. ‘Tomorrow’ is a powerful rock anthem with driving guitars, pounding drums, and frontman Daniel Johns’ emotional vocals. The song’s lyrics deal with themes of teenage angst and disillusionment, capturing the frustration and confusion of a generation of young people.

4. Ana’s Song (Open Fire) (1999)

Released as the second single from their third album, ‘Neon Ballroom,’ ‘Ana’s Song (Open Fire),’ is a deeply personal and introspective track that deals with Daniel Johns’ struggle with anorexia nervosa. It is a departure from their earlier grunge style, featuring a more polished and melodic sound, with an emphasis on Johns’ vocals and the use of electronic effects.

3. Shade (1995)

Shade‘ arrived as the fourth single from ‘Frogstomp.’ The track has an enjoyable and rich sound, accompanied by concise and uncomplicated lyrics, which appear to be more sincere and personally connected to the band. It has a lower tempo compared to Silverchair’s other songs but holds a special place in fans’ hearts with its acoustic and clean guitar strumming.

2. Cemetery (1997)

Included on Silverchair’s second album, ‘Freak Show,’ ‘Cemetery‘ is a haunting and atmospheric ballad that presents the band’s versatility and ability to create powerful emotional moments through their music. With its soaring melody and layered harmonies, the track conveys a sense of longing and desperation. Despite its dark subject matter, ‘Cemetery’ remains a fan favorite and a highlight of the Australian act’s discography.

1. Faultline (1995)

Again appearing on their debut album, ‘Faultline,’ starts off at a fast pace and maintains it for the most part, except for a series of short bridges toward the end. The closing riff is distinct from the beginning. It was written by Daniel Johns about a friend who died in the Newcastle earthquake of 1989. The song is emotionally powerful and highly enjoyable to listen to. So, it is definitely worth a shot.