Michael Stipe Admits He Didn’t Want To Retire After R.E.M.

Michael Stipe confessed that he didn’t want to retire after R.E.M. split during an interview with ‘The Morning X with Barnes & Leslie.’ The singer shared his newfound drive to release new material by saying:

“After R.E.M. disbanded, I needed a couple of years to unwind and back away from it. It’s like an itch I needed to scratch, and it turns out I’m pretty good at writing songs and lyrics, so I wanted to do that again. I just fell into it.”

R.E.M. calling it quits had almost pushed Michael to walk away from music entirely, as he said during a chat late last year with Departures:

“When the band disbanded, I couldn’t imagine continuing with music, and it took five years before I could come back to the idea of it. And it came back completely by accident with a Fischerspooner project, which I loved.”

However, projects like ‘Fischerspooner,’ his single release like ‘Future if Future,’ and working with different people helped him find his way back to the studio, he added:

“I honestly had no plan; I really didn’t want to retire because I do enjoy my voice. I like to sing for people, and I like how people respond to my voice. That makes me happy it makes me feel like I’ve got some purpose on this earth in this lifetime, and so I really do enjoy that, but I just started working with various people and composing music for myself for the first time.”

Although there is no set date for the release of his first solo album, the singer has several collaborations with different musicians as part of the project that fans can look forward to.

You can listen to ‎Michael Stipe’s interview with ‘The Morning X with Barnes & Leslie’ here.