Corey Taylor Says New Slipknot Album May Be The Ultimate ‘Top Themselves’


Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor talked about the upcoming project of Slipknot during a recent appearance on New & Approved.

In the conversation, Corey confirmed that Slipknot is now working on a new album and thrilled the community. Furthermore, he mentioned that the upcoming album features dark, melodic, and heavy sounds.

Moreover, Corey said that he talked with Clown, who is the percussionist of the band, about something really cool and hyped everybody by saying that it would be sensational if they could do it right.

As Corey stated that he can not give any details about the album, he pointed out that they are entering a realm that they have never been into before and claimed that it would be the top version of themselves if they can pull this off.

Here is what Corey Taylor said:

“We’ve compiled a lot of material. Me and Clown have talked about something really, really cool, if we can pull it off. There’s a chance that it could be conceptual — if we can really do it right. I mean, the music is brilliant.

It expands on what we did with ‘We Are Not Your Kind’ — it kind of blossoms from there — but the great thing is, it’s got not only that, but it’s got everything that you would want from a Slipknot project; there’s the heavy stuff, there’s the dark stuff, there’s the melodic stuff, there’s the weird stuff.”

He added:

“We have so many different flavors that we can play with that, now, at this point, it’s just us kind of mixing and matching and seeing what excites us. That’s all I can say for right now.But I can tell you that it’s really, really good, man. We’re entering a realm that we’ve never been, and that, to us, is exciting.

Especially after all of these years, we pride ourselves on always being able to try and top ourselves, and if we can pull this off, this may be the ultimate ‘top ourselves.’”

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