Coldplay’s Chris Martin Reflects On Having Rivalry With Ed Sheeran

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin opened up about his friendship with Ed Sheeran and shared his thoughts about a possible rivalry between him and the famous pop singer during his recent appearance on Capital FM.

As you may know, Chris Martin and Ed Sheeran had been friends for a very long time and they supported each other by joining their concerts as special guests. In one of Sheeran’s concerts, Martin performed ‘Thinking Out Loud’ and ‘Yellow’ with him and his appearance made their fans very surprised and happy. Their harmony drew great attention and was appreciated a lot.

In addition, their fans stated that they were looking forward to listening to a brand new song from Sheeran and  Coldplay frontman on their social media accounts. Even though their vocal talents and songs are being constantly compared with one another, the duo preferred to support and praise each other’s talents as musicians which can be seen as proof of their longtime friendship.

During a recent interview, Chris Martin made a joke about Ed Sheeran saying that he doesn’t like him after the host wanted to know whether there is any competition between him and Sheeran. Then, Martin highlighted that Sheeran is like their more successful brother and added that he loves him very much. It can be said that there can’t be any rivalry between these two close friends.

Martin explained the situation saying:

“I don’t like him. He doesn’t like me. (Laughing) It’s just snarling. That’s the reason we’re not playing on the same day people don’t want to fight. Eddie is like our little more successful brother. I love them to bits so I’ve got nothing else to say.”

You can watch the interview below.