Carlos Santana Heralds An Upcoming Album With Eric Clapton


Santana frontman Carlos Santana recently opened up about his method of making music during an interview with Guitar World. Apparently, the musician always likes to expand his music by challenging himself which is why he’ll be working on an entirely instrumental album with Eric Clapton and Derek Trucks.

Santana released its eighteenth studio album, ‘Supernatural,’ on June 15, 1999, after the band found itself without a label in the mid-1990s. That’s when Carlos Santana wanted to focus on pop and more radio-friendly material. This resulted in this album in which Santana collaborated with contemporary guest artists.

The list of successful artists included Eric Clapton, Rob Thomas, Eagle-Eye Cherry, Lauryn Hill, and more. The effort paid off as the record was a huge commercial success worldwide, reaching number one in eleven countries including the United States.

Furthermore, Santana’s album broke Michael Jackson’s record with his album, ‘Thriller‘ for the most honored album at the 2000 Grammy Awards by winning nine Grammy Awards. The album’s success wasn’t limited to Grammys as it also won three Latin Grammy Awards including Record of the Year.

In addition to appearing on one of the most successful albums of Santana, Eric Clapton also collaborated with the band on stage during Crossroads Guitar Festival back in 2004. The guitarist performed one of the band’s early songs named ‘Jingo‘ from their debut album released in 1969.

It’s widely known at this point that Carlos Santana and Eric Clapton are two close friends who also work together as musicians. In fact, their fans can expect an album in the near future from them as Santana revealed during a recent interview with further details

Carlos Santana was asked about his ways of making music as well as his projects in the future. Apparently, the musician always focuses on expanding his horizon by challenging himself. Right now, he’s concentrated on creating an entirely instrumental western album that isn’t about being radio-friendly.

Santana also stated that this upcoming album is going to feature Eric Claton and Derek Trucks, and they are going to reflect moods instead of being worried about the songs in the album. The rocker didn’t reveal any more detail about the new record but most likely will in the near future.

When asked about his future projects, Santana said:

“I believe it’s important to constantly expand, expand and expand –by always creating and challenging myself. I’m looking forward, at the moment, to creating an album that is purely instrumental. Nothing will be geared up to radio or radio-friendly commerciality.

In a way, I’m picturing something like a soundtrack, perhaps in the vein of an Ennio Morricone score for an imaginary spaghetti western ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,’ that kind of thing, you know?

I talked about this with Eric Clapton and Derek Trucks, and that is something we will be working on together in the near future. We aren’t going to be concerned about songs; it will be more about moods.”

You can listen to Santana performing ‘Jingo’with Eric Clapton below.