Axl Rose Issues A Response To Deny Abuse Allegations Through Legal Representatives

The Guns N’ Roses frontman, Axl Rose, officially denied allegations of sexual assault through his legal team following accusations made by a former model last year.

In November, Sheila Kennedy, a former Penthouse model, accused Rose of sexual assault in a lawsuit filed at the New York Supreme Court. The alleged incident, dating back to 1989, occurred after Kennedy met the singer in a nightclub. However, Rose’s attorneys have now countered these claims, stating that Kennedy herself had previously affirmed the encounter was consensual.

Contradictory Evidence Presented

Court documents reveal that Rose’s legal counsel highlighted excerpts from Kennedy’s 2016 memoir, ‘No One’s Pet,’ where she described the encounter as consensual. Furthermore, in a 2021 documentary interview for ‘Look Away,’ Kennedy reiterated her consent to the encounter, describing Rose’s behavior as gentle and not harmful.

In addition to denying the accusations, Axl’s legal team has called for sanctions against Kennedy and her legal representatives. They allege Kennedy’s actions are motivated by malice and financial gain rather than factual claims, citing her earlier admissions of consent. They wrote:

“Despite having made clear and definitive statements, both before and after the height of the ‘Me Too’ movement, that her alleged sexual encounter with Rose was consensual, her position has now shifted. The belief that the statute of limitations had re-opened and that she could profit from claiming – for the first time, nearly 35 years later – that the incident had not, in fact, been consensual was apparently too great an opportunity to pass up and so she filed this false Complaint a mere two days before its expiration.”

The Night In Question

Kennedy’s lawsuit detailed a night where she was invited to Rose’s hotel suite for a party, alleging that guests were provided with cocaine and alcohol before she was attacked and assaulted. Rose’s representatives, however, are staunch in their defense, dismissing the claims as false and damaging.

As this legal dispute continues, both parties stand firm in their positions, with significant implications for their reputations and legal standing.