Buzz Osborne Declares Gene Simmons As One Of The Greatest Rock Singers Of All Time

Buzz Osborne talked about his love for KISS in a recent chat with The Rockman Power Hour. He especially touched on Gene Simmons’s part in their music and said:

“Gene is a severely underrated bass player, and I think he is one of the best rock singers that there’s ever been.”

Simmons also shared vocal duties in some of the KISS tracks including ‘Let Me Know,’ ‘Ladies in Waiting,’ and ‘Calling Dr. Love’ through the years. Osborne continued about the band’s records:

“I mean their first six albums really… There’s good stuff on all those records, and that is an amazing batting average, especially when you consider they probably put those out in about a five-year period. Plus, two live albums.”

He added:

“It’s just they can do whatever they want. I don’t care. They were good. They were really good and super nice guys. They could record like ‘Destroyer.’ It was recorded by Bob Ezrin and all that. It sounds like an Alice Cooper record. It’s the same kind of thing, and it’s a fun little journey.”

Osborne Thinks KISS’s Music Is There For Fun

Buzz Osborne previously revealed that Gene Simmons inspired him to go out of the box with his music. He also advised people not to take KISS and Simmons too seriously and just enjoy the fun.

The guitarist told Magnet Magazine two years ago:

“They had good songs. I mean, there’s really no more to it than that. People go, ‘Oh, it’s not serious!’ Music isn’t serious! It’s art, which is extra in your life after you’re done doing the things that make it possible for you to make a living. It takes you out of your everyday existence and puts you into something else, which is what art is supposed to do. That’s all it’s supposed to do.”

His words went on:

“People want to tack on social commentary and political stuff like that, fine, but I don’t see it that way. Although, nothing has moved me, artistically, more than music. So with KISS, it’s like, just let them do what they want. It doesn’t matter to me. When people say it’s not serious, you know what? You need to lighten up.”

You can check out Buzz Osborne’s recent interview below.