Bruce Springsteen Tops The Highest-Paid Musicians List of 2021

‘The Boss’ Bruce Springsteen ranked the highest-paid musician of 2021, followed by Jay-Z, Paul Simon, and Kanye West. The recent selling of his catalog played a considerable role in carrying him to the top of the highest-paid list.

Springsteen recently sold the rights to his music, and his deal marked the biggest transaction ever struck for a single artist’s work. However, he was not the only one since several rock icons have decided to sell their catalogs, especially after the pandemic outbreak. The cancellation of live shows and the increasing popularity of streaming platforms put musicians in a disadvantaged position, and they struggled to profit from their work.

Many musicians such as Bob Dylan, David Crosby, Nancy Wilson, David Bowie estate, and Mötley Crüe thought it was an excellent time to sell their catalogs. Recently, Springsteen’s name was added to the list of musicians selling their catalogs, and although the initial negotiations revolved around $400 million, Springsteen ended up receiving $550 million for 300 songs, 20 studio albums, and 23 live LPs from Sony Music.

Even though this might be the main reason he made it to the highest-paid list in 2021, it is not the only one. The Boss was involved in Broadway projects following the easing of the restrictions in 2021. The singer also took advantage of the streaming platforms and started a Podcast on Spotify with the former president of the USA, Barack Obama.

The duo launched the project ‘Renegades: Born in the USA’ in February 2021 to talk about their love for music and America. Known for harboring a great love for his country, Springsteen engaged in conversations with the former president on several topics, and grabbed the attention of his listeners.

Here is the highest-paid musician list for 2021:

1) Bruce Springsteen – $590 million (around £432 million)
2) Jay-Z – $470 million (£344 million)
3) Paul Simon – $260 million (£190 million)
4) Kanye West – $250 million (£183 million)
5) Ryan Tedder – $200 million (£146 million)
6) Red Hot Chili Peppers – $145 million (£106 million)
7) Lindsey Buckingham – $100 million (£73 million)
8) Mötley Crüe – $95 million (£69 million)
9) Blake Shelton – $83 million (£61 million)
10) Taylor Swift – $80 million (58 million)

You can listen to the trailer of Springsteen and Obama’s podcast below.