Heart’s Nancy Wilson Sells Music Catalogue Rights

It’s been reported that Heart guitarist and vocalist Nancy Wilson sold her music catalog and the neighboring rights income of the catalog to Round Hill Music. Both Wilson and the company’s authorities shared their thoughts and ideas on their recent deal and revealed some details.

After Bob Dylan’s $400 million worth deal with Universal Music Publishing Group, David Crosby had to follow his steps and sell his entire music catalog to Irving Azoff’s Iconic Artists Group to overcome his financial struggles. However, Crosby wasn’t the only person who prioritized preserving his income and wealth, especially during the global pandemic. E Street Band’s Bruce Springsteen recently announced his deal with Sony Music for around $500 million.

Then, Variety revealed that Mötley Crüe sold the rights of their works to BMG approximately for $150 million, along with ZZ Top, who made a deal with the same music company for $50 million. The most recent news came from a source close to David Bowie’s estate, and Warner Chappell Music’s Co-Chair and CEO Guy Moot stated that Bowie’s music catalog was sold to their company.

According to Heart’s Nancy Wilson and Round Hill Music’s Trevor Bowen and Josh Gruss’s statements, they reached an agreement to buy Wilson’s music catalog. This includes her share of Heart’s hit records and administration rights for her neighboring income along with 35% of revenue mix, 2% physical, 7% download, 13% sync, and 4% other in terms of streaming. Neither the company nor Wilson revealed any more details about the deal because of commercial sensitivities.

Here’s what Nancy Wilson said:

“I’m honored to be working with the good people at Round Hill and am looking forward to an ongoing working relationship.”

Trevor Bowen, chair of the company, responded:

“We are very pleased to announce the acquisition of Nancy Wilson’s fantastic catalog of classic Heart tracks from across her career, including songs from her double and triple platinum-selling albums. This important acquisition provides the company with direct exposure to a timeless American rock band.”

Chairman and CEO of Round Hill Josh Gruss added:

“Nancy has had astonishing success over the last 45 years. She is an icon and the longevity of her music is a testament to her incredible talent.”

Nancy Wilson shared her thoughts about the deal saying that she’s very honored to collaborate with Round Hill Music. The company’s chair Bowen highlighted that they are pleased to announce their recent acquisition. CEO Gruss drew attention to the singer’s successful career by defining Wilson as an icon with an unmatchable talent.