Bruce Springsteen Says He Didn’t Have The Confidence To Tour With E Street Band Until Now

E Street Band founder Bruce Springsteen explained why he hesitated to plan the band’s upcoming tour to promote their new album in his latest appearance on Sirius XM’s E Street Radio with Jim Rotolo. The singer also revealed whether they had a plan to postpone the tour initially or not.

Bruce Springsteen released his twentieth studio album entitled ‘Letter to You,’ which was his first album with E Street Band following ‘High Hopes,’ on October 23, 2020. The record received positive reviews and gained commercial success, topping several international sales charts. Its tracks ‘Rainmaker,’ ‘If I Was the Priest,’ ‘Ghosts,’ and ‘Song for Orphans’ became very popular among the band’s and Springsteen’s fans.

The band was supposed to promote their latest album with a world tour, but they couldn’t start because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Previously Springsteen had surprised both his fans and bandmates by talking about a possibility of a tour during Steven Van Zandt’s charity project TeachRock. While it wasn’t sure if the musician and his band would hit the road, a piece of recent news about an upcoming tour made the longtime fans very happy.

During his conversation, the famous musician gave the good news to everyone who has been waiting to listen to them live for a very long time, saying that they are working on a plan for their upcoming tour this year. Springsteen drew attention to the global pandemic and his unwillingness to begin a few months earlier for the sake of public health, so he and his band didn’t want to risk anybody’s health by meeting their audience. However, he believes that he has enough confidence to start sometime soon.

Springsteen shared his thoughts, saying:

“We’re getting our plans for touring together; we’ll be out there. We hope to be out there this year. I didn’t have the confidence or wanted to take the risk for my audience that it was going to be okay, so we put it off for a little while, but we’re working on plans to get it all together.”

It can be understood from Bruce Springsteen’s words that their fans should follow the band members’ official social media accounts to stay updated for new announcements about the tour. The tickets will probably be available in a short time considering the singer’s plans in the making.