Wolfgang Van Halen Supports Alex Van Halen’s Post-Seclusion Project

Wolfgang Van Halen recently joined Cameron Buchholtz on Rock 100.5 and discussed what was in store for future Van Halen projects, supporting uncle Alex Van Halen‘s post-seclusion decisions and why Alex was ‘the guy’ when it came to saying the final word regarding the band’s releases.

Wolf has made it clear at every chance he got that he was on a mission to carry on his father, Eddie Van Halen’s, legacy. The upcoming reissue of Van Halen’s ‘Live: Right Here, Right Now’ is surely a part of that mission, as the limited vinyl release of the band’s first live album will hit online and your local music stores in a month.

So, when the host asked Wolfgang about the decision mechanism among bandmates and who has the final say about the band’s upcoming projects, the bassist smoothly answered that his uncle, ‘Al,’ was the decision maker regarding any of the act’s future releases. He continued by noting that he also held the right to vote as Eddie’s son, although this didn’t change the fact that the drummer had the final say.

It’s important to note that Alex had been in seclusion after his brother’s passing, choosing to keep things quiet and away from all the curious eyes of the media and Van Halen fans. So, the upcoming vinyl reissue could be considered the rocker’s first project after his almost two-year-long semi-exclusion from society.

Wolfgang on if he’s involved in any future Van Halen projects and supporting Alex’s decisions regarding the act:

Al is [the decision-maker]; obviously, he’s the head honcho when it comes to making the decisions. But I am a part of that when it comes to. Obviously, I default to him on anything that he thinks is the right thing to do; but when it comes to decision-making or at least just kind of helping out, yeah, I am that sort of what would have been my dad’s vote for stuff there with Al. So Al and I are kind of that team. But, yeah, all in all, he’s the guy.

From what anyone can surely see from the young Van Halen’s words, he respects his uncle as the final decision-maker regarding the act’s future releases and projects. Still, it’s important to note that Wolf used the word ‘team’ to emphasize their relationship, so the bassist’s involvement in any Van Halen project is also essential.