Bruce Dickinson Explains Why He Likes Graveyards: ‘It Cheers Me Up’

In a new interview with EMP, Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson discussed the certain places, people, and things that boost his creativity, and one of those things might surprise one: It’s graveyards. He said:

“I think if you’re creative, then you just have to be aware of when creativity may strike and be prepared to abandon all those ordinary things that everybody else thinks are important for that special moment, which has just fallen and hit you on top of the head, which can be very frustrating for the rest of humanity when they want you to go to dinner, but you actually want to write the last page of something because you just happen to be in the mood. Things like that happen at odd and unusual times.”

It seems that this is something that happens a lot to the frontman, who then goes to ‘wander around’ to get inspiration. He continued:

“It happens to me when I’m driving around, which is very inconvenient, because you want to pull over and write something immediately, and often you can’t. Or sitting on trains, strangely enough. But then somebody starts making a noise and distracting you, and you just get very inconvenient. So I like to be kind of lonely in a crowded room sometimes when I create. Sometimes I go off and just take a wander around the graveyard. I find that cheers me up.”

The Musician That Inspires Dickinson

Coming from a metal background, one might think that Dickinson would be inspired by another metal band. Well, that’s not the case for him. Revealing the singer he looks up to during an early interview with Loudwire back in 2015, he said:

“The early Robert Plant stuff. Really early Zeppelin and Robert Plant stuff was unbelievable. My favorite stuff from that era is they did like Danish TV shows, and they did Led Zeppelin live on Danish TV. Wow, it is completely unedited and raw, as was, and it’s just astonishing. It’s primal, it really is.”

You can see the interview below.