Toto’s Joseph Williams Picks Three Songs He Wished He Had Written

Toto lead vocalist Joseph Williams recently appeared as a guest on Rock History Book hosted by John Beaudin and revealed the three songs he wished he had written.

Since its inception in 1977, Toto became one of those groups that faced constant lineup changes. Although the band started its career with the original singer Bobby Kimball, his struggles with some bad habits led him to leave the band in 1984. Then, the band decided to bring former Le Roux vocalist Fergie Frederiksen as the new singer. However, he departed after touring with them in 1985 due to difficulties performing in the studio.

Later, Toto turned to Joseph Williams while looking for a new lead vocalist. His versatile singing style, songwriting skills, and stage presence proved he was a perfect match for the band. However, after recording 1986’s ‘Fahrenheit’ and 1988’s ‘The Seventh One,’ Williams had to depart from Toto due to personal problems. He didn’t cut his ties with the group and appeared as a guest singer at the band’s several shows. After years of break, the singer was again with the band in 2010 and is still the active singer of Toto.

In his recent appearance, Williams responded to several questions asked by the fans, including the three songs he wished he had written. The rocker’s top choice was the Beatles’ iconic song, ‘Hey Jude,’ which is among the greatest songs of all time. The second song the Toto lead wished he had written was the famous track, ‘They Can’t Take That Away From Me,’ covered by many notable artists like Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Diana Krall, and Rod Stewart. The third song Williams picked was ‘Ribbon in the Sky’ by Stevie Wonder.

Three songs he wished he had written in Joseph Williams’ words:

“Three songs I wish I had written. ‘Hey Jude.’ Another good one is ‘They Can’t Take That Away From Me.’ The third one I wish I’d written is ‘Ribbon in the Sky.'”

You can watch the entire conversation below.