Brian May Thinks George Harrison Is Underrated

Queen guitarist Brian May recently joined an interview with Express newspaper, during which he reflected on the Beatles’ legacy, complained about the band’s underrepresentation, and discussed George Harrison’s talents, which May believes are still underrated.

Brian May officially entered the rock scene as the co-founder and guitarist of Queen in 1970, and it is safe to say that he has since become an icon. As Queen’s popularity increased, the guitar virtuoso started being identified with his distinctive sound, which he achieved through his layered guitar work, often using his self-built electric guitar, now known as the Red Special. Having gained such vast appreciation from critics, fellow musicians, and fans, May had the chance to collaborate with several icons.

Some of those collaborations included the Beatles’ members, including George Harrison. As you probably know, Harrison was one of the less popular members of the Fab Four as Paul McCartney and John Lennon would often steal the spotlight both behind the scenes and in mainstream media. Being considered the younger brother who could be pushed around instigated several feuds within the band, and during the recording of their last album, ‘Let It Be,’ George was reportedly miserable.

The fact that George Harrison rarely got the chance to shine and prove his talents has been discussed by several rock musicians, including his close friend Eric Clapton. Brian May reflected on the Beatles’ current underrepresentation and George Harrison’s legacy in his recent interview. May pointed out that the Beatles were ‘Queen’s Bible‘ and truly inspired them throughout their career. He then expressed his sadness for seeing that the new generation ‘doesn’t know the Beatles as they ought to.’

May stressed that the Beatles should be woven into people’s hearts like Queen and not neglected. While speaking on underrepresentation, Brian May also wanted to discuss George Harrison’s talents. Recalling his collaboration with George at the Water Rats Charity Ball in November 1992, May said that Harrison played one of his guitars and he couldn’t believe the Beatle’s talent and stressed that he is still underrated.

Here’s what Brian May said to Express about the Beatles’ underrepresentation:

The Beatles were our Bible. Absolutely at every stage in their career and their music development, they were models. And they still are to me, I must say. I love all those albums. To me, they are the greatest. They are the pinnacle of writing, performance, and ethos of rock music. They broke down so many barriers, they changed the world many times. I will always love The Beatles without any reservation.

I feel like they’ve been underrepresented in the world as it is today. The kids today don’t know The Beatles as much as they ought to. The Beatles should be woven into people’s lives in the way Queen music is these days.”

The guitarist continued by praising Harrison’s talents as follows:

“He played one of my guitars which is nice! I love George, I love his playing. I think he’s still underrated. Wonderful!”

Unfortunately, George Harrison passed away from lung cancer in 2001 at the age of 58. Two years before his death, the musician had recovered from cancer, but a knife attack by an intruder at his Friar Park home significantly affected his health. However, his fans are delighted to see that rock icons are still trying to revive and protect his legacy.