Noel Gallagher’s Daughter Anais On Feeling Pressure To Go Into Music Business

The music scene has seen many examples of children inheriting their parents’ position in front of spotlights. As you may know, Noel Gallagher’s daughter, Anais Gallagher, started a career in the limelight at an early age. However, she chose not to follow in her father’s footsteps but to take a different path. According to her recent conversation with Daily Mail, her family has been very supportive of her career decisions.

“My parents don’t put that much pressure on me to be super, super successful,” she said, explaining her parents’ attitudes about her career. “They just put pressure on me to be a hard worker and have good morals and be grounded and kind. I definitely put a lot of pressure on myself not to take anything for granted and be respectful and work hard, but I’m not bothered about whether people think I’m deserving or undeserving.”

She continued, “I’ve always been a very creative person. I come from quite a creative family where creativity is championed, maybe more so than academics. I think I was always going to find myself in a creative role. I never felt any pressure to go into music. My parents were very lucky that I was born with no musical talent, so that was never going to be an option for me.”

The point she reached in her career, according to her, was something that developed on its own. Anais noted, “I’ve always loved photography ever since I was young, so that was a natural progression. It wasn’t something I found; I think it found me.”

Being born into an already famous family might not be as facilitating as often thought. Especially if a career plan is made in front of the spotlights, this makes it easier for a young artist to face nepotism accusations while receiving increasing fame. Thus, it seems necessary to make an extra effort to refute this claim.

Anais has probably been exposed to many negative comments. However, she did not hesitate to say that she is aware of her privilege and is immensely grateful for it. According to her statement, she will always put extra effort into being worthy of her place and not abuse her position. Her career, which started as a model, now continues with photography.