Brian May Makes An Announcement For The Bri Army As Their Commanding Officer

Queen lead guitarist Brian May shared a video for the soldiers of his ‘Bri Army’ to reveal the details about a special event for the rerelease of ‘Back to the Light’ and to thank them for their great contribution and dedication to his works on his official Instagram account.

As you probably know, Brian May began rereleasing his greatest hits as a part of his most recent project called ‘Brian May Gold Series.’ He announced that the first album of this project would be May’s debut solo studio album entitled ‘Back to the Light.’ The reissue of the album will be released on August 6, 2021, and May stated that he planned a special live event for it.

Previously, May had called out his fans to join his army to bring back the golden days of ‘Back to the Light’ and make it possible to produce new hit albums in today’s music industry. So, he recently shared his gratitude for his soldiers as their commanding officer while unveiling the details about the event which will take place on Instagram.

In his recent Instagram video, May decided to give a speech to the soldiers of ‘Bri Army’ and invite them to the Bri Tv show to celebrate the reissue of ‘Back to the Light’ which will start in August 6. Brian May mentioned that there will be special guest stars, Q&A events in which the fans will be able to ask questions to him, and many more surprises. It seems that ‘Bri Army’ will invade the event on Instagram to show their support to their commanding officer.

May’s IG post read:

“‘Back to the Light’

An announcement for the Bri Army from your Commanding Officer regarding the Bri-Tv transmission, scheduled for this Friday, 6th August. Join us!”

Brian May announced the event saying:

“Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, Folks of Bri Army!

I speak to you as your commanding officer. It’s been a while but I’ve had some troopers in different parts of the world. I have to thank you for not being an army of thousands of people but an army with initiative, drive, and imagination. I can’t believe many of you out there doing amazing things to sell my beautiful album. So you are doing great stuff on Instagram. I appreciate it very much.

Ten thousand people… I feel like Duke of York who had ten thousand men. He marched them on top of the hill and marched them down again and again. I’m thanking you very much. I want to make an announcement which is on Friday for ‘Back to the Light.’ We’re gonna have a little event which will be Bri Tv. So I’ll begin live on Instagram completely and predictably.

We’ll be starting very early and we can do question and live events during the gaps and we can do some Instagram connections to be able to talk one to one. I’ll have a couple of guests officers of the Bri Army but I’m not going to tell you who they are. We hope to have fun and you can join us any time. When you get bored, you can leave and go back again. We’re doing Bri Tv on Instagram. God bless you. Thank you Bri Army. Carry on the good work…”

You can watch the video below.