Brian May Introduces His New Crew Members


Brian May recently posted his first-ever Bri TV and introduced the crew members who are helping him with his new project to his fans.

Aside from the Queen + Adam Lambert tour and album plans, the legendary guitarist is also keeping himself busy with other areas of entertainment apart from music. On August 3, he announced to his fans, a.k.a Bri Army, that he would be initiating a new ‘show’ with which he will randomly start a live stream on Instagram and have guests over.

His first live was today and before he began his live stream, he introduced the crew members who have helped him come up with the plan, adjust the technical areas, and deal with social media. He introduced his 5 team members to his fans individually and explained their roles in Bri-TV.

Brian May introduced his crew in his Instagram video saying:

“I’m going to introduce you to my team, they’re all here. Right here in front of me is Emma who is gonna be doing a lot of the photography and really is an I.T. expert and Instagram expert and without whom God knows what would happen. 

This is Pirate Pete some of you may know. Pete does guitars and various other things and he’s been helping out on the technical side here.

This is Justin Shelley Smith who you may also know as an engineer and he co-produced and produced all kinds of stuff over the years. Expert in sound, he’s helping us on the technical side too. 

This is Sunny Frost who is my amazing P.A. and she’s been setting all this up. You’ll be seeing her a little bit more later I hope.

And this is Nicole, who is the best publicist in the world obviously. She’s working on this project and so far we seem to be doing very well.”

Bri Army was as excited as their ‘Commander’ for the launch of his program. May and his crew put a lot of effort into building the setup and creating an entertaining show. His fans’ positive reactions show that their efforts were paid off.