Bruce Springsteen Names The Man Who Changed His Life Forever


E Street Band frontman Bruce Springsteen opened up about the upcoming ‘homecoming concert’ in Central Park during a recent interview. Apparently, he couldn’t say no to the famous record producer Clive Davis as he changed Springsteen’s life by signing him to his first record label.

Bruce Springsteen’s music career started at an early age when he began playing for audiences with a band at local venues. Until 1972, the musician performed with numerous bands in countless bars and venues even recorded a number of songs with those bands all of which prepared him for the next chapter in his career.

However, his journey truly began when he was signed to Columbia Records in 1972 by Clive Davis. That’s when Springsteen brought many of his New Jersey-based colleagues into the studio with him and formed the E Street Band. He released his debut studio album ‘Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.’ which was the sign of what the future held for him.

Since then, Bruce Springsteen has been dominating the music industry with countless successful chart hits as well as albums. The musician hasn’t slowed down for decades, and it was recently announced that he is going to be performing at the concert in Central Park for the celebration of the city’s reopening along with Jennifer Hudson and Paul Simon. 

During a recent interview, Bruce Springsteen was asked about the special performance which will take place in the summer of 2022. Apparently, the key to his appearance was music producer Clive Davis who is in charge of the show. Since Davis was the one who started Springsteen’s entire carer by signing him to Columbia Records in 1972, the musician couldn’t say no to him.

When asked about the concert, Springsteen said:

“Clive Davis who’s shepherding the show is one of the men I would say changed my life forever by signing me to Columbia Records in 1972 when I was a kid that came up on the bus one day from Asbury Park dragging a guitar his shoulder.

Clive was the man in that office who signed me to my record deal. He heard me play two songs, and as I sat there with John Hammond who was the video president of Columbia at the time and of course discovered Dylan, Aretha, and so many others.

So, Clive was putting the show together, and he’s one of those people that I like to say yes to because all the other yeses that happened in my life happened because of him. I’m only doing a small guest appearance with my great friend Patty Smith.”

You can listen to the entire interview below.