Paul Stanley Shares What He Thinks About The Weeknd

Co-founder and guitarist of KISS, Paul Stanley, spoke in a recent interview with Consequence Of Sound and revealed his thoughts about The Weeknd.

In the conversation, Paul revealed the rock singers who put their hearts and souls into their voices and praised the talents of iconic singers such as Paul Rodgers, Chris Cornell, and many more.

However, these were not the only musicians he praised. Paul also stated that The Weeknd has a great voice overall and showed that he listens to singers from almost every genre.

While praising the talent of The Weeknd and showing his respect for the musician, Stanley also mentioned that the names he put for this list are baring their souls with their performances.

Here is what Paul Stanley said:

“Paul Rodgers. Rod Stewart. Steve Marriott. Steve Perry – again, there’s so much Sam Cooke in what he’s doing. The Weeknd has got a great voice.

I think Chris Cornell for me more so. Certainly, those were soul singers in the context of they were baring their souls – but I don’t necessarily think of those in the same category.”

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