Brian May Doesn’t Want To Make A Fuss On Freddie Mercury’s Death Anniversary

During a recent interview on BBC Radio, Queen lead guitarist Brian May reflected on how he feels on the anniversary of Freddie Mercury’s death each year and how he commemorates it.

As you probably know, Queen’s iconic frontman Freddie Mercury passed away due to the complications of AIDS on November 24, 1991. There are now various effective treatments for AIDS, but it was initially considered a mysterious disease, and scientists had limited knowledge.

It is well-known from their previous statements that Freddie’s death hugely impacted the surviving Queen members. For the anniversary of Mercury’s death, Queen’s official Instagram posted a photo of him and paid their tribute in a quiet manner, without any exaggerations. Roger Taylor, Queen’s drummer, also stayed silent and didn’t share anything on his social media accounts for the anniversary.

In the interview, Brian May was asked about Freddie’s death anniversary, and he said that there is not a single day that he doesn’t think of Mercury. May embraces Freddie’s birthday in high spirits but still feels weird, and he merely wants to sit silently rather than using big words for him. For instance, on Freddie’s birthday, Brian May celebrated it with an emotional video on Instagram, but he doesn’t find it appropriate for his date of death.

Here is how Brian May responded to the question about the anniversary of Mercury’s death:

“Well, I don’t celebrate. I just quietly sit and think. I always feel strange on that day, and people sort of want to make a fuss but I don’t feel like making a noise.

I like to celebrate his birthday. It’s not like it’s the only time we think about Freddie, we think about him all the time, he’s a part of our lives, and that could never change. In so many ways, you can’t get through a day without thinking about Freddie in some ways.”

The caption of Brian May’s Instagram post on Freddie Mercury’s death anniversary read:

No words from me today. Thanks, Vanessa for the graphic. And thanks to all of you who have honoured dear Freddie today. Bri”

May just thanked all their fans for remembering Mercury and honoring his legacy. It is very understandable that he wanted to keep silent as maybe the late frontman’s death was one of the saddest losses May ever had to experience.