Brian May Celebrates Freddie Mercury’s Birthday With An Emotional Video

Brian May celebrated the birthday of his late bandmate and dear friend Freddie Mercury in an Instagram post with quite an emotional video.

Brian May is the lead guitarist and co-founder of the legendary rock band Queen alongside lead singer Freddie Mercury and drummer Roger Taylor. Five years after their formation in 1970, Queen became one of the most successful rock bands in the world with their groundbreaking records and astonishing stage performances. Especially with the contribution of Freddie Mercury’s talented singing, four-octave vocal range, and unique stage persona, Queen became a cornerstone in the history of rock music.

However, in 1991, Freddie Mercury died at the age of 45 due to AIDS complications. He was featured in the band’s final album ‘Made In Heaven’ posthumously. Moreover, Brian May also wrote the single titled ‘No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young)’ in 1997 as a tribute to the rock icon. According to his statements, May suffered from depression after Freddie’s passing, and he still thinks about him every day.

As you may know, today is the birthday of Freddie Mercury. With a recent Instagram post, Brian May celebrated the birthday of the great singer. Besides, he included a video in his post that is a compilation of Freddie’s photos made by the artist Nenu. May then revealed his favorite photo among them and said it made him feel like he was looking into Freddie’s eyes.

Brian May’s Instagram post read:

“Happy Birthday, Freddie.

Enjoy this tour of Freddie’s incarnations and moods through the eyes of extraordinary artist Nenu – one of the most visionary artists we’re lucky to have here in our Instagram community. I’m sometimes accused of favouritism. Do I have favourites? Damn right I do! I’m sure you do too. So here is a nod to one of my absolute favourites. And – my favourite of his portraits of my favourite singer? Well, you will see it at the end of this clip. I feel like I’m looking into Freddie’s eyes. Early Happy 75th, dear pal. Bri.”

Below, you can check out the Freddie Mercury artwork that Brian May described as his favorite below.

Photo Credit: Nenu – Instagram