Brian May Announces The Special Guest Who Will Join Him For Bri TV Launch


Brian May has revealed the identity of the special guest who will join him for his Bri-TV album launch on his Instagram.

Brian May is best known for being the lead guitarist of the iconic band Queen. Queen’s remaining members Brian May and Roger Taylor currently perform with Adam Lambert under the name of Queen + Adam Lambert. The collaboration is still active and is planning to release an album in the future.

Alongside his other music projects, Brian May is also scheduled to launch a debut solo album titled ‘Back To The Light’ on August 6, 2021. To promote the album, May asked his fans to join his Bri-army and announced his Bri-TV. Around 10,000 fans joined his Bri-army and showed their support for Brian’s upcoming album. He also hinted that Bri-TV might feature mystery guests and recently revealed the special guest he was talking about.

In a recent Instagram post, he announced who will join him for his album’s launch, Talia Dean. Brian said that they have been friends for many years and he applauded her ‘Get Up’ album. He revealed that Bri-day was Talia’s idea, and said she is determined to take his ‘Back To The Light’ to the top of the music charts. Brian then said he and Talia will be chatting at his studio while adding that he is also planning to have a talk with Matt Lucas and others on Bri-Tv.

Brian May stated in his Instagram post that:

“I can now announce the special guest who will be taking me and my cohorts through the afternoon sessions on Bri-TV this Friday is none other than the one and only extraordinary and notorious singer/songwriter/troublemaker – Star of TV and the Blues Charts – Ms. Talia Dean!

She and I have been buddies for some years now. Some of you may remember that I single-handedly propelled her wonderful ‘Get Up’ record with Kings Daughters to chart success! Well, Talia has already thrown tons of ideas at me for this campaign – in fact, Bri-day is fundamentally her idea – and she’s vowed to propel ‘Back To The Light’ into the rarefied air of the upper reaches of the music charts.

We’ll be chatting, answering calls, unboxing, and generally making a nuisance of ourselves down at my studio. That’s this Friday afternoon… at an unspecified time! In the morning I will be fighting to wake up – but enjoying the privilege of speaking with the brilliant Matt Lucas and the legendary lovely Lorraine – and others – and you can join me at my end while we invite them to guest on Bri-TV!

For this section, the uniquely talented Emma Donoghue will be filming for Bri-TV. And, dear warriors of the Bri-Army, please keep wearing and sharing the Bri-Army T-shirt! I will be sharing it! Cheers, all! I salute you! Bri.”

Below is the photograph included in Brian May’s Instagram post.

Photo Credit: Brian May – Instagram.