Bob Geldof Says Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ Was ‘Embarrassing’

Bob Geldof shared his thoughts about the Pink Floyd movie ‘The Wall.’

Geldof, who played the main character Pink in the 1982 movie, spoke of his role and revealed that he now finds it ’embarrassing.’ During a press Q&A, Geldof was asked whether or not it was a career-defining moment for him. Although the movie helped him gain recognition, the actor declined and said his acting in the movie was ‘bad.’ He continued with the following words:

“I’ve seen the movie twice, and I was embarrassed.”

Geldof additionally noted that he could only finish working on the film because Peter Biziou, the cinematographer, made it ‘very easy.’ He detailed why he was embarrassed and shared his current thoughts on the movie:

“I was just embarrassed every day by how sh*t I was. I don’t like looking at myself. I don’t like listening to myself. I don’t like hearing myself. The last thing I want is to see myself on the side of a building.”

Why Geldof Took Place in the Film

The actor apparently did not take the role because he liked it, but he accepted it for one thing only:


Referring to Pink Floyd as ‘hippies,’ Geldof also noted that the paycheck was lower than he expected because the band was ‘terrible with money.’

Other than getting a paycheck, Geldof also accepted the offer because he was tired of the grind with Boomtown Rats and was looking for a new challenge to focus on.

Geldof’s Thoughts on Musicians’ Acting

In addition to his comments about the band and his own acting, Geldof expressed some negative opinions about musicians who ventured into acting, singling out figures such as Sting, David Bowie, and Bob Dylan, suggesting that their acting skills were lacking.

He did, however, acknowledge that Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra were capable actors, implying that their strength lay in interpreting others’ material rather than composing their own songs.