Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Faces Backlash After Elon Musk Comment

Twitter’s new owner and CEO, Elon Musk, is a controversial personality, even within the rock and metal community. Journey’s Neal Schon accused the Tesla CEO of preventing him from sharing free music videos on Twitter, Elton John revealed he’d leave Twitter after Musk’s new policy, and many more artists expressed their concerns over the businessperson’s actions. Tom DeLonge recently joined those who were against Musk in a Twitter rant.

Engineer Tom Mueller recently replied to a tweet from SpaceX, saying, “So proud of my baby Merlins!” After his post, Elon Musk shared a tweet in response, writing, “Hi, Tom!” While Musk was referring to Mueller, a former employee of SpaceX, Tom DeLonge stepped into the conversation.

The guitarist shared a reply, saying, “What up, man. Wish you’d stop trying to make people like you.” After his tweet, the Twitter community exploded in the thread and made some sarcastic comments on DeLonge’s response. Some people stated that DeLonge was not that different from Musk. A Twitter user said, “Tom DeLonge (super rich freemason who made his money off pop punk but now rubs elbows with higher-ups in the government) – ‘Hey, don’t trust rich people.’ Tom, you and your friends are in that club as well.”

Another user pointed out that Musk wasn’t referring to him by saying, “Was he even referring to you, though? Hating on Elon trying to get people to like you… Love the music; maybe stick to that.”

His followers didn’t like how DeLonge picked on Elon Musk simply because he was irrelevant in his tweet. After the hate comments, the musician didn’t comment on the matter and shared other unrelated posts.