Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus Is In a Legal Battle Over A ‘Tree’

Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 is currently dealing with a legal dispute. TMZ reports that the bassist has started a lawsuit against one of his Beverly Hills neighbors over a tree that is reportedly growing too tall.

This whole situation began with a deal adopted by the planning commission a year ago. In the documents from Hoppus and his wife Skye, it is mentioned that the neighbor had agreed to remove several trees. Only one pine tree was allowed to stay, and it was supposed to be kept no taller than 15 feet.

However, it seems the neighbor hasn’t been following this agreement. The Blink-182 member says that the pine tree has grown beyond the agreed height, and new trees have started to grow in the spots where the other trees had been taken out. These trees have ended up blocking the view from Hoppus’s home.

According to his claims, the bassist had given the neighbor several warnings and asked her to maintain the trees, but no action was taken. So, he’s asking the court to ensure the neighbor follows the commission rules and pays for the damages caused by the tree problem.

In the meantime, Blink-182 continues to travel the world for their ‘World Tour 2023/2024.’ They will take their shows to Arizona on June 14 and keep touring until April 2024 while getting ready to release their new album, whose recording process was finished before the performances kicked off.