Billy Joel Likens Taylor Swift To The Beatles

Singer-songwriter and composer Billy Joel joined a recent interview with USA Today in which he commented on Taylor Swift’s music. In the interview, he resembled Taylor Swift to the iconic rock band The Beatles.

Billy Joel, or the ‘Piano Man,’ is a talented and renowned musician who is a respected figure in the music scene as a successful solo artist since the 1970s. Throughout his prolific career, Joel released 12 studio albums, made a great number of collaborations and various appearances on venues.

Joel has a career full of achievements and remarkable musical efforts. As a solo artist, he held several live performances across the globe and is continuing to tour and make frequent appearances at Madison Square Garden. Taking these into account, Billy Joel is an important person in the music industry.

In the interview by USA Today, Billy Joel talked about his return to The Garden after the postponements due to the pandemic, his thoughts on young artists and being respected by them, and today’s music. At one point in the interview, he also made an interesting remark on Taylor Swift.

During the conversation, USA Today’s interviewer asked Billy Joel what he thinks about contemporary artists such as Adele. As a response, Joel said Adele is a phenomenal singer. He then mentioned Taylor Swift and said she is really productive and creative. Following that, Joel claimed Swift knows how to write and make music, and he added that she is the Beatles of her generation.

In the interview on USA Today, the interviewer asked Billy Joel that:

“What do you think of some current artists, such as Adele?”

Joel then responded:

“Adele is a phenomenal singer, kind of a Barbra Streisand throwback. Taylor Swift is also a very talented girl and she’s productive and keeps coming up with great concepts and songs and she’s huge. You have to give her high marks. She knows music and she knows how to write. She’s like that generation’s Beatles.

As it seems, the respected musician Billy Joel thinks highly of Taylor Swift. Considering Swift’s musical career and achievements, it is safe to say that he is right to appreciate the singer. Moreover, being praised by a musician like Billy Joel is probably a really flattering thing for Swift.