Sammy Hagar Felt Keith Richards Would Disappoint Him

In a recent episode of ‘Storytime with Sammy Hagar,’ the Red Rocker recalled the time when he met one of his heroes, Keith Richards. Hagar revealed how the thought he might have been disappointed by The Rolling Stones guitarist’s intimidating looks, but, luckily for him, Keith turned out to be wasn’t what he assumed.

Sammy first recalled how the meeting came to place:

“One of my all-time heroes is Keith Richards, and I’ve never really met him… When I got inducted into the Hall of Fame from Van Halen, Keith was there, so his daughters came up to me and said, ‘Hey Sammy, Keith Richards, our father, would you take a picture with us?’ I said, ‘I will take a picture with you if you introduce me to your dad.’ So they said, ‘Oh hell yeah.'”

He then continued by stating he was initially afraid of Richards, but the meeting didn’t disappoint him:

“So we go over. Keith is sitting down, and he stands up, and he shakes my hand with both hands, and he was the sweetest human being. I mean, he looks like, you know, you’re afraid of him, and he just was the sweetest, most gentle guy. He said, ‘Pleasure to meet you, Sammy,’ with his cracky old voice.”

Sammy shared that ‘Cabo Wabo’ was also inspired by his hero. He added:

“His daughter took a picture. I said, ‘Oh, you tell your dad I love him.’ They said, ‘No, no, he loves you too, man,’ you know the whole thing with Cabo and everything because he got married in Cabo. He’s the reason I went to Cabo, and the whole ‘Cabo Wabo’ thing would never have happened if Keith and Patty hadn’t married there, I’m telling you, so that’s how much he means to me.”

Besides the hit track ‘Cabo Wabo,’ it also became a tequila brand and a restaurant chain. In an episode of Fox’s ‘The Issue Is,’ Sammy shared the story of his ‘Cabo Wabo’ restaurant chain came to be. The rocker recalled:

“I started thinking, ‘I’m gonna build a bar called the Cabo Wabo.’ Then, I thought, ‘Maybe, I can have my own tequila.’ See, the light was coming on. I was starting to see down the road. ‘Oh, maybe, I can have these all over the world.’ So, I just completely saw a deep vision, and no one else could see it.”

Hagar ended his story time with the ‘best compliment’ he had ever received. He expressed:

“So then, later on that night, we had a jam on stage. I’m standing there and singing; he’s standing next to me; he winks at me and says, ‘Good job, mate.’ To me, that was like the best compliment I could ever have.”

You can watch the episode of ‘Storytime with Sammy Hagar’ below.