Billy Idol Tries To Resolve Heated Feud Between Jess And Bam Margera

Billy Idol recently tweeted an offer Jess Margera couldn’t possibly refuse after the rocker’s brother, former Jackass star Bam Margera, ruined his acoustic Martin guitar, a present from Billy himself.

Well, things had been a bit heated with the Margeras in these last few days, as the brothers reportedly got into a physical altercation in their Philadelphia home, and Bam fled the scene after leaving Jess with minor injuries. He soon turned himself in to the police and, after a brief courtroom session, posted the $50,000 bail the judge set for him, walking free.

So, as Jess assessed the aftermath of their altercation, he tweeted that Bam had smashed a few things, and of all the guitars in his room, he had decided to take out his anger on an acoustic Martin guitar gifted by Idol. The drummer seemed upset with his brother’s choice to ruin his beloved guitar, tweeting his disappointment.

However, Billy was there to save the day by replying to Jess that he could handle the problem with the guitar and replace it. The rocker then remarked how it was a shame that Bam smashed the instrument but promised it’d be all okay by noting that they needed the former Jackass star to be well.

Margera’s tweet after his brother smashed his guitar:

“Of all the guitars to smash while having a psychotic episode, Bam chose the Martin acoustic we got from Billy Idol. Unforgivable.”

Idol replied:

“That is a shame, but we can replace it… But Bam, we need him well.”

It’s clear that Jesse doesn’t need to worry about his guitar since Billy promised to replace his beloved six-stringed gift. However, what will go down with the brothers or whether they will kiss and make up is unclear, as Bam hinted that he would be taking legal action against his drummer brother.