Gene Simmons Names The ‘Ultimate Frontman’ Better Than Paul Stanley And Robert Plant

KISS bassist Gene Simmons recently spoke to Rolling Stone magazine and shared his ideas about the band’s End Of The Road World Tour. He also revealed the best frontman in the world without taking Paul Stanley and Robert Plant into consideration.

As you may recall, KISS announced their farewell tour named End Of The Road World Tour along with worldwide known painter David Garibaldi for the opening act before the global pandemic, which started on January 31, 2019, in Canada. However, most tour dates were postponed to 2021 and 2022 due to COVID-19 precautions and restrictions.

The End Of The Road World Tour’s US leg will finally start on August 18, 2021, in Mansfield, and KISS will continue to perform concerts in almost every state in the country until 2022. Then, the band will meet their European and Latin American fans for the last time in 2022. In one of his previous interviews, Paul Stanley highlighted that KISS won’t perform live shows after their farewell due to the band members’ age.

However, KISS promised that the farewell concerts will be worth the wait, and the band had previously announced that former Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth will be opening for them. During his recent interview, Gene Simmons revealed that Roth won’t join their tour without giving the actual reason, and he defined Roth as the ultimate frontman rather than naming Paul Stanley or Robert Plant.

Simmons stated in his interview that:

“It bears noting that during Dave’s heyday, nobody did what he did. He was the ultimate frontman. Not Plant, not Rod Stewart, nobody. He took being a frontman way beyond anything. And then, I don’t know what happened to him… something. And you get modern-day Dave.

I prefer to remember Elvis Presley in his prime. Sneering lips, back in Memphis, you know, doing all that. I don’t want to think of bloated naked Elvis on the bathroom floor.”

Thus, it seems that Gene Simmons feels disappointed about David Lee Roth’s current performance capabilities even though he described him as the best frontman in the world. He added that he wants to remember Diamond Dave in his prime, just like he does with Elvis Presley.