Nick Cave Will Release A New Record ‘Full Of Secrets’

Nick Cave revealed new details about his upcoming album that is ‘full of secrets.’

On his Red Hand Files website, where the singer regularly receives and answers questions, he received a few questions about the upcoming Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds album, ‘Wild God.’ A few fans wrote on the website, stating that they were so happy to finally hear another album in years, and asked Cave to explain more about the album. As a response, the rocker wrote:

“I don’t want to say much about the album itself until it is released in August and you get to hear all the songs, but I can tell you that it is a record full of secrets. It is made up of a series of complex and interlinking narratives, the title song ‘Wild God’ being the primary point of propulsion, with the songs all feeding off each other – not so much to tell a story, but to rally round an acutely vulnerable and mysterious ‘event’ that resides at the heart of the album’s central song, ‘Conversion.'”

The New Record Is ‘Complicated’

The Bad Seeds hasn’t released a new album since their latest record in 2019, ‘Ghosteen.’ Cave also shared solo music in 2021 with the album ‘Seven Psalms.’ Moreover, the singer earlier revealed that he is finishing a new album with the band by answering a fan question on the website. The release date for the album was announced to be August 30, 2024.

In a press material, the musician said about the record:

“There’s no f*cking around with this record. When it hits, it hits. It lifts you. It moves you. I love that about it.”

Moreover, Cave hopes that people can feel what he felt throughout the making of the album:

“I hope the album has the effect on listeners that it’s had on me. It bursts out of the speaker, and I get swept up with it. It’s a complicated record, but it’s also deeply and joyously infectious. There is never a master plan when we make a record. The records rather reflect back the emotional state of the writers and musicians who played them. Listening to this, I don’t know, it seems we’re happy.”

The title track from the album has recently been released. You can listen to it down below.