What James Hetfield Learned From Axl Rose Of Guns N’ Roses? Metallica Members Explain

One of the greatest band in music history, Metallica opened up about the infamous accident during the Guns N’ Roses/Metallica Stadium Tour which resulted in frontman James Hetfield having second-degree burns all over his body, and all members talked about Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose’s attitude after the horrible incident, along with learning what not to do as a frontman.

As many of you might recall, there have been multiple unpleasant incidents mostly because of the legendary frontman Axl Rose during the Guns N’ Roses/Metallica Stadium Tour in 1992. From Axl vomiting while performing on stage to being hit in the genitals by a cigarette lighter thrown from the audience, the tour was filled with notorious moments.

However, the most shocking event during the tour happened when the iconic frontman James Hetfield suffered second and third-degree burns due to a pyrotechnics incident on August 8, 1992, at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium. While the left half of his body was heavily burned, Metallica had to end their performance earlier than expected and fans had to wait for a long time to watch Guns N’ Roses due to Axl Rose being late to the venue.

Axl Rose wasn’t happy with the monitors during his performance and claimed his throat was hurt which resulted in him walking off stage leaving fans even more unsatisfied with the show. The early departure led to a riot by the audience and fans were on the streets, overturning cars, smashing windows, looting local stores, and setting fires, giving an estimated $400,000 in damages.

There is a video clip in which all Metallica members opened up about the incident and according to James Hetfield, Axl Rose could have saved the show after what happened prior to their time on stage, however, he preferred to walk off the stage.

Here is what Metallica frontman said:

He could have been the hero of the day, ‘we continue the show and the band plays on, we’re here to play music,’ and he throws his fit.”

He added:

“I go and light myself on fire and he upstages me.”

And the band members revealed that after all the incidents that created mad chaos, Axl Rose was at backstage smoking and drinking like nothing happened despite complaining about his throat which was the reason behind his decision to walk off stage. Therefore, Metallica members were all agreed that Axl’s attitude was something they should learn from and avoid doing.

Here is what Hetfield said:

“We couldn’t relate to Axl and his attitude you know. So we learned quite a bit about what not to do.”

You can see the interview video below.