Paul McCartney Says Charlie Watts Was ‘Quite The Dandy’

Paul McCartney recently answered fans’ questions on his official website and argued that Charlie Watts was ‘quite the dandy’ with his elegant sense of fashion.

In November 2021, a Beatles documentary titled ‘The Beatles: Get Back‘ was released. Directed by Peter Jackson, the documentary aired on Disney+ as a three-part miniseries. It featured unused footage and audio material from the band’s film ‘Let It Be,’ covering the makings of the 1970 album through a total runtime of eight hours.

Each episode of the ‘Get Back’ docuseries covers nearly weekly periods of 21 days of their time in the studio. Moreover, the documentary achieved critical acclaim for its impressive reflection of the Beatles’ creative process. Before ‘Get Back’s release, a same-titled book was also released on October 12, and a super deluxe version of the album ‘Let It Be’ hit the record stores on October 15.

Recently, Paul McCartney answered some fan questions about ‘Get Back’ on his official website. In one of the questions, a fan told McCartney about the tank top he wore in one of the footage. The musician then responded by saying the fashion of the time was fabulous, and he and his bandmates were all into fashion.

The Beatles icon noted that they would come down from Liverpool and go shopping in Kings Road and Fulham Road in Chelsea. Moreover, the musician highlighted that everyone they knew back then was into fashion, including the Rolling Stones’ late drummer Charlie Watts. Praising Watts’ style as ‘quite the dandy,’ Macca said the late musician would go to Savile Row to get his suits.

When asked about the outfits he wore in ‘Get Back,’ Paul McCartney said the following:

“Well yeah, the fashion was amazing back then. In ‘Get Back,’ George was stunning; some of his suits and things were great, you know. But we were all into fashion. We’d come down from Liverpool and were earning decent money for the first time, and there was Kings Road and Fulham Road in Chelsea where we’d go shopping. And everyone we knew was very into fashion – I was thinking about Charlie Watts just the other day, and Charlie was quite the dandy! He would go to Savile Row and get his suits. We all loved it.”

So, it seems like McCartney was aware that Charlie Watts paid attention to his look during that period of time. As you may recall, sadly, the Rolling Stones drummer passed away on August 24, 2021, but he left an unforgettable legacy behind. One of the lingering memories he left in Macca’s mind was his unique style.