Billy Idol Receives Major Backlash Due To His Stage Antics

Billy Idol and Steve Jones joined forces on stage and merged Generation X and the Sex Pistols for their Glastonbury performance this past Saturday. However, Billy received backlash from fans for cursing twice on stage toward the end of their set.

As they finished their last song, ‘I Did It My Way,’ fans seemed to think they heard Billy drop the C-word live on stage. Here’s what Idol sang:

“And now the end is near, and so I face the final curtain. You C*nt, get me a beer, I’ll state my case of which I am certain.”

When they were wrapping up the performance, the rocker then said the F-word as he went to thank fans for coming to see them perform; he said:

“The afterparty is at Stonehenge; I’ll see you there. I’m going to get f*cked up tonight, yeah.”

Just before Billy’s performance, the BBC issued a warning to viewers about the usage of strong language. They also wrote the following under the performance during the pairs set:

“Contains very harsh language and flashing images.

The rock star took the stage wearing a leather jacket and black jeans in the hot weather, and some fans also questioned his choices on Twitter.

You can see clips of Billy Idol swearing in front of the Glastonbury audience here.